This week's spellings

We have noticed children are finding it difficult to remember the spelling rules for past tense verbs. Here is a list of verbs in present tense.

Learn the past tense spelling of each of these words for a spelling test on Thursday

As we want you to form the past tense verbs yourself, these words will not be on SpellingShed. Continue to use SpellingShed to practise your year 3 words.


Homework due Tuesday 9th July 2019

In English next week we are exploring our favourite books. Your homework task is to decide on your favourite book and bring it to school on Tuesday 9th July. Be prepared to explain why is it your favourite book.

Homework - Maths games for revision

For this week's maths homework, due to the trips, we would like the children to revise their times tables: 2,3,4,5,8 and 10.

Also, practise addition and subtraction, including with money and refresh their fractions knowledge.

Times tables

Giving change

Using coins


Equivalent Fractions